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Innovation is transforming the business environment: today, seven of the world’s top 10 highest-valued companies are newcomers compared with just five years ago.

What We Do?


Our services cover the entire process of creating a product, from ideas and innovation through systems engineering to advanced testing and simulation all around the world.


Industrial Enterprise focuses on designing and rolling out engineering solutions to help clients grow and succeed in their business operations. Our services – which range from engineering strategy to risk management – are delivered worldwide.


We help clients meet the challenges of today with a comprehensive portfolio of digital practices and solutions. Our engineers are involved in developing new services, architecture and business models for digital transformation.


This domain brings together all our activities in the field of industrial optimization and management: from the design of plants and facilities through to the processes and technologies that make the Industrial revolution possible.

Why Silicon?

Most of the world’s leading companies now understand that only well-targeted, ambitious and deliberate R&D strategies will enable them to build and maintain a competitive advantage. In an age when time-to-market has become an obsession and digital disruptions are everywhere, we leverage innovation to help companies develop and manufacture unmatched products and services.

Autonomous Driving Platform

The complexity of engineering automotive systems is skyrocketing, driven by the proliferation of electronic control units  and the increase in software content.

Silicon, Inc. provides the most complete and up-to-date solution to break free from the limitations of the traditional system architectures, providing a future-proof platform so automotive players can create better services for their customers for the years to come.

IoT and Big Data

Our end-to-end offer is designed to help you reap all the benefits of the IoT and Big Data revolution supplying you with all the building blocks to assemble a successful IoT application. From consulting services to application development and transformation management, we can accompany you throughout the new world of connected objects to create value for your business. By leveraging Silicon’s winning blend of deep domain knowledge, deep technological expertise and deep analytics capabilities, it offers all the key abilities for a successful IoT journey.

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