Energy and Utilities

For the past few years, societal, environmental and technological forces have been influencing how the utility industry respond to their own major market challenges. Utility business and operational transformation is being driven at an unprecedented rate by:

  • Regulatory market reform, new entrants and disruptive technologies;
  • Climate change, environmental concerns and greenhouse gas and carbon emissions targets;
  • Growth in renewable generation and distributed resources;
  • Volatile consumption patterns;
  • Aging assets with increased expectations on reliability;
  • Aging workforce poised for retirement;
  • Increased pressure on operational efficiency and workforce productivity;
  • Increasing desire and need for participation by consumers in the energy value chain; and,
  • Rise of distributed and micro generation and the trend to a federated operational model.
  • This creates more opportunities, which in turn has its own limitations. 

This creates more opportunities, which in turn has its own limitations. Today the industry is heavily engaged in various technology and business transformation initiatives. Our rich domain experience coupled with capabilities in technologies such as IoT, Automation, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence helps organizations take a giant leap forward in this transformation journey

Through the delivery of an innovative and incredibly agile technical solution, Utilities can be assured of the level of reliability and flexibility needed to support the business into the future. As our customers move from simple cost reduction to business outcomes, we have transformed ourselves by engaging in business benefits-led outsourcing programs. We offer year on year productivity gains on not only on IT SLAs and KPIs, but also the key indicators that drive the energy business.

Grid Management

Active Grid Management enables real-time monitoring and control of infrastructure to achieve situational awareness for the next-gen grid. This data-driven solution is the answer to multiple challenges faced by global Energy and Utility companies at a lower cost than solutions.

Asset Management

Silicon Asset Management Solution takes product agnostic view and focuses on customer business needs and objectives. Silicon Consulting and Implementation Services enable Silicon to effectively provide the thought leadership and guidance needed for reliability and safety from cradle to grave.


Silicon is introducing a platform to support – spatial data and software tools to actionable information. These include image analysis software and custom spatial solutions that have solved some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Energy Management

Energy Management is a unified Customer Engagement Framework which offers customers the ability to access their utility account online. It is a platform for disintermediation of the processes that can be consumer enabled. The access to customer information is anytime, anywhere, and captures customer preferences.


A novel cloud-based solution that enables safety of occupational workers in utilities. Engineered to reduce workplace hazards, it’s a big step towards making risk-oriented occupations safer for everyone concerned. The solution reduces the accidental rate and improves response time with increased productivity.


Silicon’s Cyber-security Framework helps our customers move from a static to a dynamic posture to deal with an ever-escalating threat landscape, offering a full spectrum of services.

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