Artificial intelligence

AI will change the way we do business and, ultimately, change our lives. It offers your organization personalization, prediction and security as never before.

Everything is a connected device producing Data

Structured and unstructured data are unified as Knowledge

Machine Learning is affordable with today's computing power

Why AI matters

The data-ization and connection of all things alongside a massive rise in computing power is making AI a reality now; turning data into valuable insights and creating tremendous opportunities for business. Because data is so critical it must be protected, regulated and efficiently processed. As the leader in Cloud, Big Data and High Performance Computing, Silicon brings the necessary expertise and technology solutions to make AI a reality for your business.

AI shakes the whole economy

Worldwide spending on artificial intelligence is expected to reach €40 billion in 2020. Human-centric industries, such as financial services, retail and healthcare are expected to be the biggest spenders, closely followed by asset-intensive industries manufacturing, energy & utility, transport etc.

Make AI work for you

From cybersecurity to industrial uses, AI is bound to change our lives and the way we do business – but how do you make it work for you?

Silicon Making AI Real

Silicon AI Labs in Santa Clara, Milpitas and Metuchen offer an opportunity for customers to understand the potential of Artificial Intelligence in their business.

AI for Financial Services

Financial Services businesses are data businesses whose future competitive advantage will depend on their ability to understand and apply it in new ways.

Automation and Robotics

With the integration of AI capabilities of Automation technologies combined into one Silicon Cloud platform, Silicon is advancing and converging Automation.

Silicon putting AI to work

From governments to large companies, from customer service to production lines, we are working with a variety of clients to implement AI solutions where they create value. Our leadership in Cloud technology, Cybersecurity and High-performance computing, along with our partnerships with major AI companies, help us provide our clients with the resources, expertise and support they need.