Consumer Goods

As Consumer Goods organizations transition to a 21st Century Enterprise model, several key challenges have emerged. These include increasing consumer diversity, tightening regulations, and rapidly expanding distribution systems. The Consumer Goods industry must also undergo a comprehensive systems overhaul in order to deliver personalized, locale-specific products.

Digitization must be implemented as the foundation for operational transformation, allowing firms to embrace business flexibility, utilize a global workforce, and ensure interactive experiences. A connected IoT network is key to gathering customer data, for aligning products to diverse customer needs. Automation can not only optimize existing manufacturer-wholesale-retail cycles, but also unfold new modes of distribution via omni-channel pipelines.

Consumer Service

Our advanced customer management, business analytics, and personalization solutions place customers at the center of your decision-making process.

Responsive Manufacturing

Our LEAN frameworks and cutting-edge technologies help you gain a long-term competitive advantage in planning processes and product manufacturing

Sourcing and Procurement

Our supply chain transformation services deliver efficient sourcing solutions to global conglomerates.


Our innovative portfolio of transparent solutions and frameworks helps achieve visibility across various business touchpoints.

Product Life-Cycle

Our PLM tool integrates enterprise-wide applications with people and processes across functions and product lifecycles, reducing development time and PLM operations cost


Our customer-centric strategy has helped CPG companies stay ahead of the curve with technology-enabled innovation

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